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9. Adaptive potential of a drug-targeted viral protein as a function of positive selection

Dai, L.*, Du, Y.*, Qi, H., Wu, N.C., Wang, E., Lloyd-Smith, J.O., Sun, R.

bioRxiv  [link

8. Direct observation of increasing recovery length before collapse of a marine benthic ecosystem 

Rindi, L., Dal Bello M., Dai, L., Gore J., Benedetti-Cecchi L.

Nature Ecology & Evolution (2017) [link]

7. Comparative analysis of protein evolution in the genome of pre-epidemic and epidemic Zika virus

       Ramaiah, A., Dai, L., Contreras, D., Sinha, S., Sun, R., Arumugaswami, V. 

Infection, Genetics and Evolution (2017) [link]

6. Adaptation in protein fitness landscapes is facilitated by indirect paths

Wu, N.C.*, Dai, L.*, Olson, C.A., Lloyd-Smith, J.O., Sun, R.

eLife (2016) [link

5. Relation between stability and resilience determines the performance of early warning signals under      different environmental drivers 

Dai, L., Korolev, K.S., Gore, J. 

PNAS (2015) [link[PDF


      4. Dynamics of a producer-freeloader ecosystem on the brink of collapse

Chen, A., Sanchez, A., Dai, L., Gore, J.

Nature Communications (2014) [link[PDF

      3. Slower recovery in space before collapse of connected populations

Dai, L., Korolev, K.S., Gore, J.

Nature (2013) [link[PDF

Nature News & ViewsScience NewsMIT NewsFaculty of 1000  

      2. Generic indicators for loss of resilience before a tipping point leading to population collapse

Dai, L.*, Vorselen, D.*, Korolev, K.S., Gore, J.

Science (2012) [link[PDF

PhysOrg, PhysicsWorld

     1. One-loop QCD and electroweak corrections to ttZ production at an e+e- linear collider

     Dai, L., Ma, Wen-Gan., Zhang, Ren-You., Guo, L., Wang, Shao-Ming.

     Physical Review D (2008) [link]