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11. Genome-wide identification of interferon-sensitive mutations enables influenza vaccine design

Du, Y., Xin, L., Shi, Y., Zhang, T., Wu, N.C., Dai, L., Gong, D., Brar, G., Shu, S., Luo, J., Reiley, W., Tseng, Y.,         Bai, H., Wu, T., Wang, J., Shu, Y., Sun, R.

Science (2018) [link]

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10. Effects of mutations on replicative fitness and MHC-I binding affinity are among the determinants           underlying CTL escape of HIV-1 Gag Epitopes

Du, Y.*, Zhang, T.*, Dai, L.*, Zheng, X.*, Gorin, A., Oishi, J., Wu, T., Yoshizawa J.M., Li, X., Yang O.O.,                   Martinez, O., Detels, R., Sun, R.

mBio (2017) [link]

9. Quantifying perinatal transmission of Hepatitis B viral quasispecies by tag linkage deep sequencing

Du, Y., Chi, X., Wang, C., Jiang, J., Kong, F., Yan, H., Wang, X., Li, J., Wu, N.C., Dai, L., Zhang, T., Zhou, J.,          Yoshizawa, J.M., Li, X., Bhattacharya, D., Wu, T., Niu, J., Sun, R.

Scientific Reports (2017) [link]

8. Direct observation of increasing recovery length before collapse of a marine benthic ecosystem 

Rindi, L., Dal Bello M., Dai, L., Gore J., Benedetti-Cecchi L.

Nature Ecology & Evolution (2017) [link]

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7. Comparative analysis of protein evolution in the genome of pre-epidemic and epidemic Zika virus

       Ramaiah, A., Dai, L., Contreras, D., Sinha, S., Sun, R., Arumugaswami, V. 

Infection, Genetics and Evolution (2017) [link]

6. Adaptation in protein fitness landscapes is facilitated by indirect paths

Wu, N.C.*, Dai, L.*, Olson, C.A., Lloyd-Smith, J.O., Sun, R.

eLife (2016) [link

5. Relation between stability and resilience determines the performance of early warning signals under       different environmental drivers 

Dai, L., Korolev, K.S., Gore, J. 

PNAS (2015) [link[PDF


      4. Dynamics of a producer-freeloader ecosystem on the brink of collapse

Chen, A., Sanchez, A., Dai, L., Gore, J.

Nature Communications (2014) [link[PDF

      3. Slower recovery in space before collapse of connected populations

Dai, L., Korolev, K.S., Gore, J.

Nature (2013) [link[PDF

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      2. Generic indicators for loss of resilience before a tipping point leading to population collapse

Dai, L.*, Vorselen, D.*, Korolev, K.S., Gore, J.

Science (2012) [link[PDF

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     1. One-loop QCD and electroweak corrections to ttZ production at an e+e- linear collider

     Dai, L., Ma, Wen-Gan., Zhang, Ren-You., Guo, L., Wang, Shao-Ming.

     Physical Review D (2008) [link]